Correct permissions for Bitnami / EC2 WordPress


I’m trying to find the correct permissions setup for a WordPress site running on Bitnami / EC2. Right now, my /apps/wordpress/htdocs directory is set to daemon:bitnami. With this setup the site works, but I can’t install or update plugins. I also can’t edit anything over FTP. The FTP user is “ubuntu”.

I’ve tried changing the /htdocs/ owner to ubuntu, which lets me edit files via FTP, but then site won’t load.

I’ve read this post which suggests changing the owner to apache:apache, but I don’t think this is applicable to Bitnami installs… and I’m worried about further messing up permissions.

What is the ideal permissions / user setup to allow editing via FTP and plugin updates without having to enter credentials, without compromising security?

Link: Correct permissions for Bitnami / EC2 WordPress
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