why is sql vertically scalable and nosql horizontally


I am new to NoSQL and trying to understand it’s meaning.

I have seen many articles in many different websites that repeat the fact that “SQL DataBases are scaled vertically (by adding CPU/memory) whereas NoSQL DataBases are scaled horizontally (by adding more machines that can perform distributed calculations)”.

For example these articles:

The thing is that I can’t understand why.

As far as I am aware, the major difference between SQL and NoSQL (besides the scalability issue) is that SQL is stored in tables, whereas NoSQL is stored in different ways (Key-Value/Graph/xml, etc..).

I can’t seem to understand the connection between those two facts (scalability and storing strategy). These seem like unrelated things to me (probably due to lack of understanding).

Link: why is sql vertically scalable and nosql horizontally
Source: Stack Sql


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